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Hotel Alkar, Vrlička 50,

Tel: +385 21 824 474 / 824 488
Fax: +385 21 824 505

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Hotel Alkar in Sinj is a unique place situated in the heart of Dalmatia from where our guests can easily explore the beauty of the city Sinj and its lovely surrounding countryside that offers a vast amount of things to do and experience.

Alka Alka of Sinj
Meet the old
chivalric game
Alka Madonna of Sinj
Why celebrate
Great Madona
just in Sinj!

Nestled beside the city park, Hotel Alkar is also the perfect base from which to discover the ancient Dalmatia and its distinctive natural beauty comprised of its coastline, islands and interior and also neighbouring country, the fascinating Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hotel Alkar provides the best possible value in comfort and service. Imaginative food with local gastronomic imprint based on old recipes and substance made of healthy ingredients at the most add to the spirit of original atmosphere of this creative hotel.