Hotel Alkar is positioned in a region where nature gave the best features for active tourism , where you can enjoy thrills of an adventure while savouring beautifull and diverse landscapes.

Hotel Alkar excludes activities and practises that are harmful to the environment and pose a threath to biodiversity and local culture.

Hotel Alkar has a broad net of accosiates and can offer you a vide spectrum of active and adventure tourism products that nurture, by definition, a travelling philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a discovery tour.

Active tourism in Sinj region is low-impact, ecological, socially compatible and high quality.Our Active Tourism products aim to combine recreation, education and bring benefits to both the tourist as well to the visited region.

Adventure Tourism in Sinj region offers exciting experiences that are physically demanding. Adventure travel is personal accomplishment through the thrills of dominating dangerous environments. Cetina river canoeing, horse riding, paragliding, parachuting, hicking and trekking through natural areas are some of the examples.